European Master Games – Torino, 26 July – 4 August 2019

European Master Games – Torino, 26 July – 4 August 2019

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After the success of the World Master Games in 2013, with the participation of over 20 thousand master athletes in 30 disciplines, this year you can share in the adventure again. From July 26th to August 4th athletes 35 years and older, from all over the world, will compete in more than 165 events, including Paralympic events. The objective is not only to create records, but also to celebrate together with sports and competitions, and to experience the passion that this type of event brings to the host city.


In the last few years, sport tourism has become a rapidly growing niche, offering a chance to visit cities and countries that host large sporting events: what an excellent opportunity for athletes from all over the world! They can compete in various sport disciplines while supporting the cultural, artistic and natural heritage in Torino and Piedmont.

In the last 15 years, the city has been named one of the top 10 European cities to visit, and in addition to sports, it offers parallel activities for all tastes, including its numerous museums, architecture, and green parks that characterize Piedmont.

Athletics, the prince of all sports, will be protagonist in three main areas:

The Primo Nebiolo Stadium, built in 1959 on a pre-existing structure* from the 1930s, is the most important track for athletics in the city and is inside one of the most popular parks in Turin for runners and walkers, Ruffini Park.

The Mandria Regional Park, one of the largest parks in Europe, is known as one of the most important natural sites in Europe and is an ecological corridor connecting the Alps to the Po River. It hosts two large Savoy residences: the Palace of Venaria and the Castle of the Mandria. Recently, it has become a popular place to train, thanks also to the 30 km wall surrounding the whole park.

A very particular race will take place at the Fort of Fenestrelle. The ancient fortress of Fenestrelle overlooking the Val Chisone will be the theatre of a competition where, for 2500 metres with a 560 metre slope, runners race up the 4000 steps leading to the top of the Fort.

Registration is already open and every athlete registered can participate in 3 sports and up to 5 disciplines.
Prices are :
From 1/02/2019 to 15/06/2019 :
€105.00 for athlete who live in Piedmont,
€170,00 for other athlete

For further details see:


It is not a problem to find a place to train in one of the greenest cities in Italy! The most important parks in the city are:

  • The Pellerina: located between Appio Claudio and Regina. It is the largest park in the city, with two small lakes, and plants and animals that will make you forget you are in the centre of Torino
  • The Vallere: situated between Torino and Moncalieri where the Sangone River flows into the Po River. Here you can train along the Po, from Moncalieri to San Mauro, from one end of Torino to the other.
  • Basilica di Superga: the sanctuary, built in 1461, is situated on the top of a hill and is an important landmark of Torino. It offers typical workouts for runners and walkers in Torino with a choice of routes joining the surrounding green areas from different points in Torino; you can start in Casale, or in Chieri and follow the entire panoramic route.
  • The Green Loop: starting from different points of the city, you can train along various paths in the Turin hills.
  • The Valentino Park: located on the banks of the Po River and close to the city centre. Here you can start your workout near the Castel or in the small Medieval town and then continue along the river.
  • The Colletta: following the Dora River where it meets the Po River, you can run all the way to San Mauro.

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